Ends on December 29, 2017

How can we push poetry forward? How can we make poetry lively and interesting? How can we evolve this lovely and resilient art-form through this relatively new millennium, and on? We want your best work, your most original work, we want your strangest work. We love it when you take risks. We want work that is exciting, poems which know the joy of words and celebrate it with every phrase. We want to praise you, but only if you earn it. We love good writing just as much as you do, and we want to publish your best writing. Send us your best, your weirdest, your most inspired. Well-done weirdness, in particular, is always a plus. Send us your sick, your dying...leave some soul and blood and maybe a little love on the (digital) page. We want music, we need it, just as much as you do...so please, do us the honor of sending us your best songs. We are here to make sure others hear them.
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